Friday, 6 June 2008

Murder(ball) she wrote

Former England scrum-half Kyran Bracken, last seen pirhouetting in lycra around an ice rink on the telly, will swap his skates for a wheelchair this weekend.

On Saturday Bracken lines up as part of a Professional Rugby Players' Association team taking part in the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) corporate demolition day at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire.

The event is aimed at raising awareness of Wheelchair Rugby and helping to raise funds for the work of GBWR in grass roots development. Alongside Bracken will be the "Funbus" Jason Leonard and former Sarries' colleagues Kevin Sorrell and Glen Jackson.

For the uninitiated, Wheelchair Rugby is a team sport for male and female tetraplegics. It is a unique sport created by athletes with a disability that combines some elements of Basketball, Rugby and Ice Hockey. The object of the game is to carry the ball across the opposing team's goal line. The sport is often referred to as "Murderball" which sums it up quite nicely - it's certainly not for the faint-hearted and and I doubt very much that Bracken will be accompanied on the court by a refrain from Bolero.

Here's a taster of what Kyran can expect:



Nursedude said...

TF, if you have not rented the documentary "Murderball", it is really well worth the rental. Not only are the individuals really compelling, but from a nursing standpoint-and I worked for awhile in neurology with new c-spine injury patients-this movie does a great job of discussing the medical and psycho-social aspects of quadraplegia in a very, very watchable movie.

Total Flanker said...

Haven't seen it Nursedude but have heard about it - it's on the list now!