Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Oh dear

The news that four England rugby players are being investigated by Auckland Police for an incident in their team hotel that may or may not have involved a sexual assault is, to put it mildly, not good.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation and whether the four players involved are guilty of any crime or not, the simple fact that they put themselves in a position where they might be subject to such allegations shows at best a serious lack of judgement on their part and, at worst, demonstrates a level of unprofessionalism and irresponsibility that is totally unacceptable.

Rob Andrew says publicly that those players involved retain the support of the squad and the management. Privately I hope he has more than a few choice words for them.

I can only think that Martin Johnson will be sat at home seething at this news. Whether or not the names of the players are ever made public I suggest we keep an eye on omissions from the 32-man elite player squad, to be announced on 1st July, for clues as to their identities.


BigDai said...

...after a full and frank investigation the police confirmed that the suspicious white power reported by the England team was in fact the try line.....

the old ones are the best ones...!

sportsfreak said...

Those Sun / NotW journos must be spitting that they missed all the fun at the Pony Club.

I see from today's reports, one of the England players brought home a 45 year-old.

Any theories as to who? And presumably some repressed memories of Matron at Boarding School brought this on :)