Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A touch wet

Only one word to describe Touch last night - soggy. A day of rain had left the ground bordering on being waterlogged and it made for an interesting evening's rugby for those not wearing boots with studs. Watching players aquaplaning across the surface was more than a little entertaining.

The big question was would our team be able to achieve the almost unprecedented feat of winning three matches on the bounce. The answer, sadly, was a resounding "No" as we crashed (and splashed) to an 11-4 defeat.

The result, however, doesn't tell the whole story. We were playing the team that won the competition last summer and I'd say they were definitely the best team we've played yet. What's more we really made them work for their win - at one stage I think the score was 6-4 and they certainly had to up their game to pull clear in the last few minutes. We attacked sensibly and, for the most part, defended pretty well, but the opposition were a different class in attack, cleverly working their overlaps and stretching our defence to breaking point on a regular basis. It would have been easy to just throw in the towel but we stuck in there and I'd say that it was possibly our best performance overall so far.

From a personal point of view I really enjoyed it, getting through a fair amount of work - with one long ambitious pass on our last possession, which just failed to be reach its target with the tryline beckoning, almost (but sadly not) being my crowning glory.

Fitness-wise I'm not too bad but I am having to be careful with sciatic pain in my right hip and lower back which is restricting my training somewhat and which means that that my fitness isn't quite all that it could be. A quote I read recently ..."I am in shape - round is a shape"... might soon apply to me!

Still, our record is now played 4, won 2, lost 2 - and, having already played the two best teams in the competition, we can perhaps have realistic ambitions to win our remaining fixtures and finish 3rd. Onwards and upwards...

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