Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Touching Up

Chairman's Stags were back in business last night with a 9-3 victory over the somewhat ironically named 'Team Awesome'.

On a gloriously sunny evening the conditions were pretty much ideal, save for the fact that as we kicked off we were playing into the sun which actually made conditions quite tricky as visibility was poor, especially when defending in the first half. Nevertheless we scored with our first piece of possession and, a couple of soft defensive lapses aside, never looked back.

One of our defensive lapses included two of our team deciding to sub themselves off when the opposition had possession with our defensive line subsequently parting like the Red Sea to allow the opposition to pour through to score. It looked quite comical although, with the score only 2-0 at that point, it might not have been so funny if we'd continued in that vein.

We led 4-2 at half-time but had played fairly complacently, having not done the simple things particularly well as we tried to force the scoring pass too early. In the second half we upped the pace, held onto possession for longer and, lo and behold, the gaps began to open. I was fairly happy with my own contribution - I could have done with a bit more game time but when I was out there I worked pretty hard in attack and defence. I'm certainly feeling it this morning, my right hip and lower back having seized up again - clearly there's a price to pay for all this gadding about with a rugby ball.

Unbelievably there are only two more games to go - the "season" has just flown by and I feel I'm really just beginning to get into my stride.

Oh well, onwards and upwards...

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