Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Turf war

What is it with rugby's governing bodies?

Having decided to remove the Millennium Stadium pitch ahead of a "Monster Jam truck show" at the weekend, some bright spark at the Welsh Rugby Union came up with the fabulous wheeze of giving Welsh fans the chance to buy pieces of the stadium turf "to provide them with a constant reminder of the glorious 10th Grand Slam in Welsh rugby history" or, as I see it, to con the Welsh public into spending £19.99 of their hard-earned cash each to own a scraggy piece of turf that they can watch wither and die in their own back garden.

This blatant piece of commercial opportunism does, however, appear to have backfired. According to the BBC, "desperate" fans are apparently struggling to get their hands on their own individual pieces of history.

Stewart Morgan from Aberystwyth, for instance, has (obviously with nothing better to do with his time) spent some 2½ hours on the website and on the phone unsuccessfully trying to buy his very own piece of dying vegetation since last Friday, while another supporter from Maesycwmmer in Caerphilly said she had unsuccessfully tried to buy the turf as a wedding anniversary present, much to the relief of her husband who was hoping for a four-pack of Carlsberg Special Brew and twenty Benson & Hedges.

So that's 2 unsatisfied customers, then.

The upshot is that the WRU have stated that they will be offering the pieces of turf, now probably a little brown around the edges, at the significantly reduced price of £9.99 to anyone who has had problems ordering their little piece of grass and soil and who is still stupid enough to want it.

The WRU had planned to sell 5,000 pieces of the pitch. So far, apparently, "hundreds" of pieces of turf have been sold - each packaged in a special presentation box with a certificate signed by Warren Gatland in blood, no less.

One can only hope (almost certainly in vain) that any subsequent financial loss is docked from the wages of the WRU bright spark who came up with the scheme.

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Nursedude said...

Never underestimate what the passionate fan will spend their hard earned cash on. I'm curious, did the WRU sell the old seats or bricks from the original Cardiff Arms Park when they refurbished it?