Friday, 4 July 2008

Food for thought

From Dave Martin, via the World Masters Rugby Group.

Rugby Recipes Wanted

The image of a rugby player is one of a hearty soul who plays hard, drinks hard and yes, eats hard too. So, I David Martin, captain of the Gentleman of New York, the New York RC Old Boys, and a former Manhattan player, together with Meg Votta, a former Gotham Women's RC and New York Women's RC player, have teamed up and are writing a cookbook based on the recipes and food stories of rugby players.

We are in the early stages of compiling these for a book that will feature recipes from rugby players. Friends, fans and families are welcome to submit stories and recipes too. We are looking for great and entertaining stories from ruggers that center around food, some dish they have created or some specialty they make or love, great rugby food stories and anything that is connected with the worldwide brotherhood of rugby and enjoyment of friends over a meal and a glass.

One thing we hope to include is a range of dishes that reflect the international appeal of the game. Some traditional South African dish could live on the same page as a great recipe for New Zealand lamb and a recipe for homemade Scottish Haggis could come just after your grandmother's recipe for Irish stew. There are a lot of chefs, restaurateurs and bar owners and we would like to include all your best in this book.

At this stage, we are compiling recipes, stories and names. Later on we will get back in touch with you and talk more about it and in many cases compile a small profile of the chef-rugger and for a few of you get a picture of you running in for a try or holding up the dinner table.

I look forward to reading your submissions. Please make sure you add your contact information, name, number and email address. Send your recipes and stories to


Dave Martin

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