Thursday, 10 July 2008


Just got back from a session in the gym - my first for a while following my sciatic trauma a couple of weeks ago.

Since then I've had three appointments with a chiropractor, the latest one being this morning, and it's made one heck of difference, freeing up the nerve and leaving me £100 lighter but feeling that my lower back is now a lot more stable than it's been for a while. Thanks Edwin!

So, full of renewed confidence, I headed down to the gym and put in a good 45 minute aerobic shift, followed by being introduced to the new Galileo machine currently being trialled at my gym.

What the Galileo consists of is a platform that vibrates from side to side, causing various muscle groups to contract and relax from 18 to 30 times per second , so providing an all over body workout, particularly for the legs, back and abdomen. Ideal for building up core strength and pelvic stability to protect my vulnerable lower back, I thought, and after 15 minutes or so adopting various poses on the machine I really felt like I'd been given a good going over. I suspect that some muscle groups that I didn't even know existed were worked harder than they ever had been before and that I'll discover exactly which ones tomorrow morning.

I'm hoping that I'll feel in good enough shape to get down to pre-season training at the rugby club next week but, given that I don't expect to be able to move tomorrow, I thought I'd share my Galileo experience with you now!


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