Friday, 11 July 2008

Social niceties

I stumbled upon this on the Scottish Rugby Blog...

It seems that a bunch of South Africans, no less, have come up with a cracking idea - i.e. the inaugural Social Rugby World Championships which will kick off in Cape Town, South Africa on 13th June 2009 and will coincide with the British & Irish Lions tour of South Africa next summer.

The plan is for 16 teams from around the world who don't take themselves too seriously to indulge in 2 weeks of socialising and rugby in a round-robin format tournament. Not only that, but they'll be given the opportunity to take part in coaching rugby in disadvantaged communities and, of course, the chance to follow the Lions tour live in South Africa.

The event will be hosted by the Villager Rugby Football Club – South Africa’s second oldest rugby club – in Claremont, Cape Town and four teams have already signed up - namely The Fourths - from Villagers RFC, The Potbellied Pigs from Hong Kong, the Shebeen Boys from South Africa & Zimbabwe and the Carlton Panthers from New Zealand.

No Brit teams as yet but, given that this could be fantastic way to follow the Lions, I'm sure that'll change pretty darned quickly.

A great idea, the only disappointment being that the organisers have stressed - and I use their words - that this is not an “Old Crocks” tournament (and indeed they have targeted the competition at the 18-40 demographic) - but is instead a "competition for younger players that simply don’t have the time or inclination to compete for first team honours at their club".

Cheeky barstewards - I bet I could teach them a thing or two...blah, blah...cough, splutter, wheeze...

For full details visit the Social Rugby World Championship site.

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