Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Three cheers for the RFU! (yet again - this is getting ridiculous)

My guess is that I'm trapped in some kind of alternate reality.

First of all the RFU decides to consult the grassroots game on the proposed ELVs...then it makes the more than sensible decision not to apply the "collapsing maul law" to all rugby from Under 19 level down on the grounds of safety.

And now, it seems, the RFU is inviting all involved in rugby below level 3 in England to join them in a wide ranging consultation process with the goal of creating the best possible competition structure for the game in this country.

For the next four weeks, it's claimed that there will be an online survey at rfu.com/rugbylandscapesurvey to bring in views so that the RFU “get the competition structure right to sustain our member clubs for the future,” or so they say.

I realise that none of this is real, that I'm stuck in a parallel universe where the inexplicable is beginning to occur on a regular basis...

...or maybe I'll just wake up in the shower.

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