Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Chart Show

Hey, pop pickers - I just found out this week that Total Flanker has made it to number 17 in the Wikio UK sports blog charts - up 2 places from last month's position.

For the uninitiated, Wikio is a personalisable news page featuring a search engine that searches blogs and, amongst other things, produces a "hit parade" of UK blogs based on, apparently, the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs.

I should therefore thank any fellow blogger out there in the blogosphere who has seen fit to include a link to this blog, especially if that link is included in the text of a post as this, according to Wikio, carries more weight.

Before I get carried away with such heady success I should point out that the chart only features UK blogs and that there are other rugby blogs with a higher chart position. I've also no idea how accurate the Wikio system is or whether anybody takes any notice of it whatsoever. The fact that one or two people read this blog occasionally is a source of wonder and amazement to yours truly and is, I'm afraid, sufficient motivation in itself for me to keep inflicting my opinions and experiences upon you.

That said, a league table is a league table - and I'm nothing if not competitive...


Unknown said...

As a leading rugby opionion former, lets see if we can get some traction on my campaign.

I would love to go to the match and might still do so. However, I expect to be refereeing that afternoon. I will donate my expenses for the day and bit more to the cause. It would be good if teams all around the country upped their match fee a couple of quid and donated that to the cause and sacrificed a couple of pints for those that have sacrificed a lot more.

Total Flanker said...

Dai - more than happy to promote this. Watch this space.

"Leading rugby opinion former?" Like it! ;)

Steve said...

This reminds me that I wanted to ask a follow-up to an earlier question about the Captain. Why are most captains forwards? I mean, I know we're far superior to backs in every way, but why is the captain usually a forward; a prop, even?

Let's Talk Business!

Total Flanker said...

Hi Steve - I've been giving this whole captaincy issue some serious thought and plan to respond in some tedious length on the matter once I'm back from my summer holidays in a couple of weeks...

Anonymous said...

Why are most captains forwards?

Erm…because they spend a lot of time drinking with the chairman of selectors?

Erm…(thinks of a more intelligent answer)…there’s always a ‘pack leader’ anyway, who has to motivate the big hairy blokes to shove harder, run harder, grunt louder and so on, so in that sense maybe playing in the forwards naturally develops the kind of captains who are needed on the pitch. In reality, there’ll always be a vice-captain/leader/decision maker/bigmouth in the backs too, often at fly half or inside center and in the most successful teams the two leaders work well together. See for example Johnson and Wilkinson; both clearly took their own decisions based on their own experience. As for the current England lot, it sometimes looks like no-one’s really leading the backs.

Why the pecking order? Captain a forward and vice-captain a back? Simple; the forwards have to win the ball before the backs can get around to taking any relevant decisions, like kick aimlessly, drop the ball or run into the nearest defender.