Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hooray, hooray it's a holi-holiday...

( the words of the one and only Boney M).

This is, some of you will be pleased to note, my last post for a couple of weeks as tomorrow I head off on holiday to the Algarve with my family.

My laptop will not be coming with me as I attempt to cut myself off from contact with the outside world and immerse myself in sun, sea and sand.

Unfortunately, out of necessity, my trainers will be coming with me as I really do need to put in a few kilometres on the roads/beach. A heavy cold (coupled with some pretty crappy weather) this week has meant that I've missed training at the club and haven't made it to the gym and my fitness level is nowhere near where it should be with the new season firmly on the horizon. Last year I was fairly good about dragging myself out running while on holiday so I'm hoping that this year I'm just as motivated.

During my absence I expect that:

  • In the Tri Nations South Africa will play New Zealand and Australia at home and we might have some idea who is in pole position before South Africa play Australia again and Australia play New Zealand ...yawn...;
  • John O'Neil will declare that unless the northern hemisphere adopts each and every ELV immediately then there's a danger that rugby union will be forced to merge with cricket; and
  • No one will be paying attention to rugby anyway as they'll be too fascinated to see which particular drugs cheat has won Olympic gold this time.
Cheerio...back in 2 weeks, no doubt a subtle shade of pink!


nursedude said...

Have a glass of Port for me, pardner. Bon Voyage!

Nursedude said...

On the subject of Boney M, who can forget "Brown Girl in the ring"? That would be appropriate for being around the bikini infested waters of the Algarve.