Monday, 25 August 2008

I'm back!

Bom dia meus amigos! Você faltou-me?

Back in Blighty from the land of Vasco da Gama, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vinho Verde and in the two weeks I've been away I appear to have missed very little in the world of rugby. As predicted, the Olympics has dominated the sports pages of late and I must say, with satellite TV in our apartment in Portugal, I was as caught up as anyone with the British medal tally this past fortnight - although, as Michael Johnson kept reminding us, we seemed especially adept at sports which involved sitting down.

As far as rugby is concerned, a few things caught my attention on my return:
  1. South African coach Peter De Villiers is predictably enough the subject of intense vilification following the Springboks' home defeat to Australia at the weekend. Admittedly the defeat was his side's fourth in five Tri Nations matches and ensured that they are out of contention for the title but let's face it, it's less than a year since the last World Cup, he's in his first season and inevitably there's going to be a bit of a hangover - give the guy a break, for heaven's sake. What the weekend's result does prove of course is either (a) Robbie Deans is a genius or (b) there's something in the theory that the Aussies quite like the ELVs.
  2. Rugby League appear to be claiming something of a coup with the capture of Fijian "Rugby Union Superstar" Waisale Serevi. Call me ungracious, but the fact that a former sevens specialist (albeit a genius at the shortened form of the game) appears to be coming out of retirement to accept a big fat cheque to play in a one-off rugby league tournament is hardly worth all the fuss, is it?
  3. My critique below on the dubious qualities of the Mitre Reload training ball appears to have ruffled the feathers of someone called Anonymous (whose opinion I always trust and value of course) who posted 4 times in praise of the freakish-looking gimmick training aid. The only thing he forgot to say was "I've tried the Reload and liked the product so much I bought the company!"


Anonymous said...

Hi there I am anonymous.
My comments are totally unbiased and fair, the product works!
You made comments about a product you have clearly never used, I have used it so i responded. Isn't that the idea of a blog???(What a great host). Why not get a Mitre Reload from for £9.99 ha ha ha and do a proper review. Anyway all the best mate and take care, let’s look forward to the forthcoming season.

Total Flanker said...

Perhaps your comments might be taken a little more seriously if you weren't so anonymous.

Just a thought...

Stomper said...

Welcome back!

Nursedude said...

I am as green with envy as the bottle of Vinho Verde. Glad you had a great trip to the land of Eusebio and my former exchange student Rodrigo.

Eixo Team said...

Hope you had a nice stay in Portugal!!!


The Eixo Team