Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Training derailed

Ouch. Three weeks of relative inactivity came back to bite me on the bum last night when I returned to rugby training.

Although I did get out on the roads a few times on holiday (once for over 40 minutes - but only because I managed to get lost), nothing had prepared me for the full contact session we had last night. After 15 minutes or so of touch we split into 2 teams of about 10 (yep, great turn out, and we were augmented by a few lads from the under 16s!) and played a full half hour of full contact stuff from a series of lineouts, unopposed scrums and re-starts.

Energy sapping stuff and a bit harum-scarum in terms of patterns of play. The breakdown, in particular, was a bit of a shambles and I was pretty disappointed with my contribution in that area. Not only did my lack of fitness mean that I struggled to get there, when I did so I was way too tentative. It was this passivity (which I can't really explain) which led to me hesitating at the back of one ruck and being clobbered, rupturing the knuckle joint on my left little finger. It may only be a little finger but it was bloody painful (reminding me of when I badly dislocated the same finger about 15 years ago) and this morning it's sore and swollen despite copious amounts of ice and ibuprofen gel.

So, a sore finger, sore back/hip (usual story) and also a shooting pain in my left heel (something I've been suffering with post-exercise all summer) are leaving me feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning. First Vets' game of the season is exactly one month away and I guess that has to be my target - although at the rate I'm going perhaps non-contact training is the way forward?


Dave said...

Hey Flanker!
Your gonna love this mate. There's a bloke on youtube showing how to use that reload thingy you put on the blog, check it out. It is actually quite good.Don't know how to email it but it is called 'Reload rugby ball - Demonstration'.
Dave the scrum half

Nursedude said...

Hi Flanker,
I have been lifting pretty religiously, but it is just not the same as being at rugby practice. I am going to try to go tonight. I was hoping to try to get a run in one of the Killer B games if not this Saturday, then next Saturday in Faribault.