Sunday, 21 September 2008

Telly addict

Not being a subscriber to Sky Sports, there's precious little opportunity to watch Guinness Premiership rugby on the telly.

As a supporter of the "I Want a Match of the Day for Rugby" campaign, I was therefore surprised and delighted when the news broke in the summer that ITV would be putting on an hour-long Premiership highlights show on Sunday evenings. Here's chance, I thought, for a quality rugby show with a knowledgeable studio presenter and expert analysis from some seriously respected rugby names - an opportunity for an in depth look at the teams and players involved and who might be in the international frame and a chance to learn from people on the front line about the impact or otherwise of the ELVs.

Sadly, ITV's budget clearly only stretching to £34.17 per show, what we're left with is an Irish former travel show presenter, some unnecessary opening title sequences and a disjointed bunch of highlights edited together by someone who I doubt has ever passed a rugby ball in anger in his sad little life.

I guess the idea is that we should all just be grateful that they're bothering to show rugby at all - but if this is the best that ITV can come up with then I doubt very much that very many rugby fans will continue to watch. And if the viewing figures are poor then there's little chance of the show continuing - talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy...


Nursedude said...

TF, that seems to be the problem wit being able to have access to rugby all over, and not just in the UK. In France, if you want to see rugby, you better have canal+, here in the US, if you don't have Setanta Sports, you will not see ANY rugby at all. That said, the fact that in the country that gave birth to this fantastic game, that the British Rugby fan cannot watch an 80 minute game of rugby unless he or she has cable or satellite.

nursedude said...

I gave an incomplete posting: Despite living in the country that gave birth to this fantastic game, it is deplorable that the English Rugby fan cannot watch a full 80 minute game unless they have cable or satellite. That is what I meant to say.

Stuey said...

Rome wasn't built in a day. The reason MotD is so well done is 'cause of the years of experience. It'll improve...we just need to stick with it and provide constructive feedback. If it's getting the ratings and it's creating a buzz it'll be on ITV1 with a bigger budget in no time.

If we berate it for note being perfect straight away and then stop watching it'll just be quietly ditched.