Friday, 24 October 2008

70 not out

From the the Oxford Mail, earlier this month:

Last week's article on Witney prop Mark Serle prompted reader Tony Verdin to get in touch.

Serle wondered, at 49, if he was the oldest first-team player Oxfordshire.

Verdin said: "I cannot match Mark Serle's achievement as I have never, apart from some tour games for Henley and Miami, played first team rugby.

"I have, however, kept going, and at 70 played 80 minutes for Henley Wanderers 3rd against High Wycombe – we won.

"Earlier, with my late friend, Hedley Roberts, we had a claim to be the oldest second row in international rugby.

"With a combined age of 132 years, we played for Henley 5th, much the same team then as Henley Wanderers 3rd later, in 1997 against Stavanger with a snow-covered pitch.

"It's the world's best game."

Impressive stuff...only another 26 years of rugby to go...


Nursedude said...

I know I am humbled...and I just turned 48 last week.

Shane said...

I've a question for you guys.

I'm 31 and have never played the game, at any level. Is it too late to start?

I've played soccer and Gaelic football for about 20 years, so in sporting terms I'm not a complete novice. I'm just wondering if the rugby boat has sailed....

Would appreciate your considered thoughts.


Total Flanker said...

Shane - just get yourself along to your local rugby club and I'm willing o bet you'd be made very welcome!

Nursedude said...

Shane, I did not start to play rugby until I was 45. I was very well accepted at my club here in Minnesota. TF has written about mature people taking up the sport in a posting from July of 2007( I forget the date of the posting, but you can do a back search from his previous postings). Good luck!!