Friday, 10 October 2008

...eye of the beholder

The new Stade Francais rugby shirt has caused a bit of a stir this week, even featuring on tonight's Jonathan Ross TV chat show on the BBC.

At first glance the shirt is pretty diabolical although, to be fair, I have been known to wear worse attire in the clubhouse. The design is described as an Andy Warhol-inspired image of the ex queen of France "Blanche de Castille" (1188 - 1252) who was known for her beauty and wisdom and who gave birth to 12 children - and it follows in a tradition of garish Stade Francais shirt designs which are often floral and/or pink in nature.

For some reason I really can't hate this shirt, partly because I could see myself wearing it (particularly on tour) and partly because there's something quite admirable in the way that Stade's shirt strategy clearly forsakes the dull and boring continuity of recognisable club colours.

You also have to ask whether having such a ludicrous design is any worse than the commercially-driven practice of English professional clubs who adorn virtually every spare space on their kit with a sponsor's logo. Saracens, for instance have sponsors for the front of the shirt, back of shirt, the badge, the collar, the sleeve, the shorts and the socks.

Give me Blanche de Castille any day.


Nursedude said...

First of all, as somebody who studied in the south of France, I just hate Stade Francais. They have had some hideous designs on their shirts over the years. This new, Andy-Warholesque jersey is SO ugly it actually kind of cool.

I agree 100% about the advertising on the jerseys getting out of hand. I watched the ERC Çhallenge cup matches yesterday with Toulon-Norhtampton and Montpellier-Bristol today. Both Toulon and Montpellier have so much advertising on their jerseys, that you would have to question even being caught dead in either shirt.

Fizzgogg said...

The shirt is not in 'good taste'. I am quite sure that my Great(30)Aunt, whose beautiful and charming face has been displayed in multipicity on this garment, would not have been amused at the thought of being rolled in the mud on the back of some hairy brute.

Stuey said...

c'mon, those shirts are wanderful. I'd love to have the guts to where one.

I've done a gallery of them :

bigblue said...

I like the shirt ... pity it's not Toulous' though!