Saturday, 11 October 2008

Peas in a pod

It hasn't exactly been a great week for the glamour boys of English and Welsh rugby respectively.

First Danny Cipriani gets himself knocked cold by a Josh Lewsey punch and then Gavin Henson gets handed a two game ban by the Opsreys for going walkabout when he should have been training.

Both incidents, it appears, were caused by the players in question not responding at all well to criticism, Cipriani reacting badly to jibes from Lewsey about missed tackles in training and Henson storming off to sulk after his performance against Harlequins was criticised by his coaches.

The consequences of each player's actions should, I hope, be enough to bring each of them crashing back down to earth (in Cipriani's case literally so) but there's obviously a tendency for both Cipriani and Henson to act the diva.

Although both players are often described by friends and colleagues as 100% committed to rugby and uninterested in celebrity, there have already been too many incidents captured by the tabloid press to believe entirely that this is so. Let's face it, if Cipriani wasn't interested in a celebrity lifestyle he wouldn't have hooked up with Kelly Brook (although, honestly, who can really blame him) as his latest girlfriend - and likewise Henson wouldn't have ended up as Mr Church.

Sadly I've a feeling that these two particular soap operas will continue to run and run.

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