Saturday, 20 December 2008

Welsh to kill Pope

For the gamblers amongst you here's a tip: get yourself down to the bookies and put a few quid on the Pope popping his clogs before the year's end.

According to a report in the Telegraph this week, researchers are claiming that Pope Benedict XVI has an approximately 45 per cent chance of kicking the bucket by the end of 2008 thanks to Wales winning a Six Nations Grand Slam earlier this year.

Apparently five of the eight Pontiffs who have died since 1883 have done so in Grand Slam years. Three deaths have occurred when Wales won the Grand Slam and two others when Wales won the tournament but not the Grand Slam.

Faced with this overwhelming evidence, Dr Gareth Payne of University Hospital Wales, Cardiff (whose findings have been published online by the British Medical Journal, no less) asserts that the Vatican "cannot fully relax until the new year arrives."

Unless, of course, Wales win it again in 2009, heaven forbid...


Bounty Hunter said...

Where do we place our bets? Go, Wales.

(It's OK, guys. I'm a Catholic who knows of the Pope's strong views in support of indulgences, and that he has nothing to worry about. Even if he does die this year, he will certainly go to heaven due to all those indulgences he has accumulated over the years in his Papal Indulgence Bank.)

Lest you think I am being disloyal, I assure you that I did find five (5) lines in Canon Law asserting the FACT of indulgences, which evolved seemed to evolve in church law from about the year 1050 through next five hundred years -- excuse me, I meant to say "the next fifteen hundred years."

I wonder if Martin Luther will be placing any bets on this playoff? I recently went to Wittenberg and examined his original posting of the 95 theses, turned it over and found in hand-lettered script the notation "96. Go Wales." Scholars are still trying to interpret what he meant. I now think I have a pretty good idea.

Nursedude said...

If I am the pope, I might want to recheck my life insurance, because Wales looked the best of the Northern Sides during the Autumn tours.