Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Fine Romance

In possibly its most bizarre commercial alliance yet, it appears that the RFU is hopping into bed with the world's biggest romance publisher Mills & Boon in order to publish a series of books featuring "handsome rugby heroes".

Apparently the idea is to do for rugby what Jilly Cooper did for polo i.e. give it an air of sexiness, glitz and glamour whilst also providing information on the "rules" (sic) of rugby for non-rugby fans and tips on what to wear at matches (ye gods).

Sadly there's little to no chance of any of the infamous White Orcs on Steroids featuring in any of the storylines which, it is claimed, will be purely "imaginary"- stories such as a former England captain's fling with royalty or an up and coming young flyhalf's steamy encounter with a transvestite, for instance?


Nursedude said...

Maybe Harlequin Romances may end up being a sponsor of 'Quins, at this rate?

Unknown said...

If it's Mills and Boon then steamy is probably the last thing it will be - they always used to be very chaste