Wednesday, 18 February 2009

At it again...

Not for the first time, Wales' favourite orange rugby player has made the newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, tango-boy Gavin Henson is again in a spot of bother having reportedly been spoken to by police on Saturday night after having been removed from two Cardiff bars while celebrating the win over England with Welsh team mates, Lee Byrne, Mike Phillips and Andy Powell.

Branded a "disgrace" by witnesses, Henson is apparently now the subject of an investigation by the WRU.

Setting aside the fact that, being injured, Henson made no contribution to the victory whatsoever, one has to again question his professionalism if he thinks that the best way of getting himself fit and back in the team is to go out on the lash with the boys.

Henson is becoming something of a serial offender, not helped by the fact that previous misdemeanours have been overlooked or indulged by his employers.

Not that England fans would particularly shed a tear, but it's probably not too strong an assertion to make that, unless Messrs Gatland and Edwards get a grip of this guy quickly, we might well witness the utter waste of one of the game's most gifted talents.

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