Monday, 2 February 2009

Coarse Rugby Alive and Kicking

Great to see that the art of coarse rugby is still alive and well with the news that 8-man (yes, 8) Coventry Saracens suffered the worst-ever defeat in English league rugby a couple of weekends ago when they lost by a whopping 194-3 to Alcester in Midlands West Division Six (South East).

The previous record in England was a 177-3 victory by Norwich over Eccles & Attleborough 13 years ago but, sadly for Alcester, the result still falls well short of the the world record score of 350-0 set by French third division side Lavardac against Vergt in 1984 (although, to be fair to the Vergt players, legend has it that they refused to tackle in order to register their protest at the suspension of several of their players.)

Three of the eight Saracens players were front row forwards and another was capable of playing in the front row so, remarkably, there were no uncontested scrums. The killjoys at the Midlands League Organising Committee have, however, struck the result from the records because a minimum of five forwards is required in scrums at all times, declaring the score null and void and awarding the two points to Alcester.

This is, according to the blazers, the "fairest solution for all clubs in this league."

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Anonymous said...

3 vs 8 in a scrum? lucky no one got hurt. Laws of the Game old chap, as framed by the IRB blazers not the local ones, minimum of 5 in a pack on safety grounds isn't it?