Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Good Grief

So it's come to this...

For all his insistence that his celebrity lifestyle doesn't affect his rugby, it has emerged that perma-tanned Welsh centre Gavin Henson was recently forced to cancel an interview with Owen Slot of The Times (or, more accurately the Ospreys press office was forced to cancel it) because his showbiz missus Charlotte had promised (i.e. sold) exclusive access to the Henson family - including new arrival Dexter Lloyd - to OK! magazine.

So, thanks to a few exclusive pics in a celebrity rag (who no doubt paid through the nose for the privilege) our favourite orange rugby player was prevented from talking to The Times about rugby.

Hmmm...priorities anyone?


Anonymous said...

Once a wanker always a wanker, I'll never forget those missed tackles in the Lions tests v NZ. The epitomy of being our of your depth. :)

Nursedude said...

Gavin Henson has become the perma=tanned rugby version of the American Actor/celebrity George Hamilton.