Sunday, 15 February 2009

Hey Joe

Dear Mr Worsley,

I hereby irrevocably take back everything I said in my post below and humbly apologise for any suggestion that you are not cut out for international rugby.

Your performance yesterday, particularly in defence, was nothing short of magnificent.

Who knows...had Mr. Kaplan achieved anything remotely close to even-handedness we might even have snuck an improbable victory.

Yours sincerely,



sforrest said...


Completely agree with the apology. Joe was a monster shutting down the breakaway running of both Roberts and Powell. Impressive!

However, your assessment of the ref is subpar. He gave England chance after chance only sin binning Tindall after repeated warnings and Goode because he was slowing up play 5 metres from the try line. If England want to play on edge of the laws (with Johnson talking about it in midweek), they have to expect to get penalties.

Total Flanker said...

I don't have any problem at all with the ref sin-binning 2 Englishmen - they both deserved it. What I do take issue with however is his refusal to consider bringing out the yellow card when Lee Byrne took out Delon Armitage in the air and on numerous occasions when Welsh forwards came in from the side. Even-handed he was most certainly not.

expresstrain said...

I agree completely with our gracious host, and in fact I'd go one further -- Lee Byrne took down, off the ball, anyone who kicked the ball past him. Mr Kaplan -- who, I should add, is an excellent referee -- seemed to have heard all about England's disciplinary problems and exercised a zero tolerance policy. Not a problem in and of itself, of course: Goode's binning was absolutely fair, and Kaplan did warn Steve Borthwick early on that the next infringer would see yellow, even if Mike Tindall hadn't himself done anything wrong prior to his infringement. But Wales also play on the very edge, and they were allowed to get away with murder off the ball, at the ruck and in the tackle. But they're the men of the moment, and so apparently they can do what they like.

Great to see Joe Worsley at his best -- what about moving him or Haskell to 8 so that we can enjoy their thundering alongside Steffon Armitage's flair? That way, we could get rid of that useless lump Easter! Also, if Toby Flood can't even kick a penalty under pressure, does that not put him squarely in the 'completely pointless' category, given that he does nothing with ball in hand?

BigDai said...

Whilst taking out a player in the air is an offence and will always be punished, there is a reckless and dangerous way to do it and others that are less so. The first will see a card and the other will be judged in the context of the game and discipline of the offending side.

Nursedude said...

Armitage scored a helluva nice try, didn't he? Looks like England has themselve's a fullback for a few years. I thought it was a really good game of rugby, in what ended up being a weekend full of good matches to watch, between 6 Nations, Super 14 and the IRB sevens in San Diego.

anne bebbington said...

Hear Hear! - Kaplan couldn't recognise even-handedness if it hit him round the head on the end of a tackle pad! and that's not just matches in which England plays either