Friday, 20 March 2009


1. What does Gavin Henson need to do to be disciplined by the Welsh management? Getting wasted on a night out in Cardiff and then receiving a police warning, all while supposedly recovering from a calf injury, plainly isn't enough. Neither is refusing to take a penalty when asked to do so by his captain in the dying moments of an international before storming off down the tunnel, refusing to acknowledge the travelling supporters and then openly criticising his team's tactics in the press. Go figure.

2. Which England are we likely to see this weekend? The quick-ball producing forwards coupled with the rapier sharp backs, or the crashing into contact before holding a 5-minute committee meeting at the back of the ruck to decide what to do with the ball before electing to do exactly the same again? Or a bit of both?

3. Who is Steve Borthwick trying to kid? Is he really seething at the Scots' reaction to last year's Calcutta Cup win? We English really don't do the hate thing at all well - best leave that sort of stuff to the Celts and frustrate the hell out of them by leaving their hate unrequited.

4. Can England win the Six Nations? England Women that is. This year's campaign hasn't exactly gone to plan, a defeat by Wales scuppering thoughts of a fourth consecutive Grand Slam, but England have fielded several youngsters this season to allow many more established players to prepare to win the World Cup Sevens in Dubai. A cunning plan if it wasn't for the fact that Australia took the Sevens crown.

5. Who on earth has been advising the management at Saracens? Apparently the 15 or so players who were being made redundant are now being "unsacked" on the basis that the £500,000 overall severance package would, it seems, have to form part of the salary cap for next year. It's cheaper, apparently, to keep them on, even if they're not wanted. Did no one bother to read the small print?


Anonymous said...

In order...
1) He dyes his skin & hair and probably plucks his unmentionables. He acts more like a drunk fan (and a bad one at that) rather than a professional player. And he wasn't good today, I think he needs others to play well around him. Not ideal for a tight game in SA. Case closed.
2) Both. The Jekyll & Hyde game continues. I think the difference is less to do with the forwards and more to do with the half backs and their instructions and game management. See what Andy-booooomph-Goode brings to the game versus Flood, an obvious difference.
3) No, he can't be. No one else noticed anything, least of all the one-eyed yours-truly and I would have been first on that band wagon! A tad embarrassing and perhaps he should concentrate on his playing.
4) You got me, I haven't been following it...
5) It is shameful. They seem to have introduced two key elements into the club; bad club management and bad squad management. Is it really a club, in the true sense of the word?

Rucking Flanker

Nursedude said...

Don't look now, Flanker, but England ended up finishing SECOND and Wales fourth in this Six Nations. Who would have thought of that a few weeks ago?