Sunday, 5 April 2009

Getting shirty

At some point this week I appear to have missed the fact that this blog has received its 50,000th visitor. My apologies to whoever that was - a bottle of virtual bubbly is the least I can offer in recompense. Thanks to all who continue to visit the blog and read this nonsense.

It occurred to me this week - and this gives some clue as to my sad little existence - that it is getting on for two years since the RFU unveiled that monstrosity otherwise known as the England rugby kit. You know the one - the garment with the horrible ketchup stain swished across the shirt and spilling onto the shorts. Unbelievably the replica version sold in its tens of thousands which leads me to believe that the RFU will soon again want to cash in on our naivety by releasing a new version of the shirt this summer.

Normally I would be against such blatant exploitation of the humble England rugby supporter - don't they know there's a credit crunch on and all that - but in this case I'm actually looking forward to seeing the back of (if you get my drift) that abomination we've had to put up with in recent years.

What prompted these thoughts was, ironically, the recent release of the new England football shirt by the FA and Umbro, a shirt which looks far more like a proper, traditional rugby shirt than the glorified nylon t-shirt which passes for an England rugby shirt these days. The supreme irony of course is that we now have a bunch of overpaid prima donna footballers poncing around in an extremely elegant looking shirt whilst England's elite rugby players still look like a bunch of 1980s throwbacks on a booze cruise to Benidorm.

One can only hope that the design genius at Nike and the marketing powers that be at Twickenham have taken note of the decisions taken over at Soho Square and restore a smidgen of dignity to the next England rugby shirt design.


John Birch said...

Could be worse. You could be a Welsh supporter, or - heaven help you - a Scot. Watching a collection of Welsh tries that someone had compiled yesterday, and it occoured to me how the strips got worse the nearer you came to the present day (indeed some without any trace of red at all!).

But that all pales into insignificance compared with Scotland. Why the designers of their current kit were not shot for their pains (or turned into haggis) I do not know...

Leonidas said...

John, Scotland,s jersey is just the standard cut Canterbury jersey, same as the Irish, South African, The Crims, The Seppo's and I think the Japanese have... by Christ it's even crossed over to League where the N.Z Warriors are wearing it.

But back to the pommie kit... yes it's hideous, go back to the one ya won the world cup in.

Nursedude said...

As much as I hate to say it, the new England national team for the football team is sharp in it's design and simplicity. I got to see it when I was watching the England-Slovakia match last week.

You're right with rugby jersey's-sometimes less IS more.