Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Message in a Bottle

It's not often that I get sent press releases and when I do receive them more often than not they are usually from some agency or other seeking free advertising in exchange for a "story."

Yesterday, however, I received something a bit different from Nicolás Murillo on behalf of Vigo Rugby Club in Spain.

Entitled "A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE FOR JONAH LOMU" the press release was from the 'infantile and cadet category' (which I interpret to mean the junior section) of Vigo Rugby Club who have written to Mr Lomu to explain the economic difficulties that the club is currently experiencing, difficulties that threaten its very existence.

The aim of the letter is that it reaches Mr Lomu in Auckland via the six degrees of separation theory that holds that we are connected to any person in the world through a chain of 6 interpersonal acquaintances. The letter, which has been placed in a bottle, is currently on its way to Dublin in the possession of ex-Malahide player and current Vigo resident Joe Scully.

The message isn't a begging letter, but it is hoped that the support of Jonah Lomu and the publicity generated by this innovative and unusual campaign, will raise funds which will help the club to survive.

I'm more than happy therefore to publish the text of the letter below:

To Jonah Lomu
Legend of All Black

Dear Jonah,

We are writing to you this letter because you are the best rugby player of all time for us and because, in the hard moments we are going through, you are our role model.

We are the infantile and cadet players of the Vigo Rugby Team. Vigo is an industrial city of the Atlantic coast of Spain. There are not many fans by our sport here, but as you will know, when the passion for rugby arouses oneself, it is all the same there were many or few people on the terraces.

That´s why you will understand that, in normal conditions, playing rugby here is not easy. But now, with the economic crisis, the situation has turned worst. The unemployment grows around us, the companies close down and the horizon looks
really bad.

This situation affects us especially because we live it in our families also in the team surroundings. This year we start the competition without sponsors. Those we had have just gone because their situation has got worse. Finally we have been able to jump on the pitch once again thanks to the veterans of the team that have got involved and have afforded us the money.

As you will see, we don´t have a lot of reasons for being happy, but we have one to continue fighting: the rugby. Our trainer always insists on the fact that it is necessary to fall in order to learn to stand up. And that is what we do everyday… and the trick we use to stand up faster and in a stronger way is thinking on legends of our sport like you are, running and crushing your adversaries. Jonah you are the best.

And that is all. We don´t want to write a letter to cry. This is a fighting message, to don’t give up. We greet you, Jonah, with the hope for being, some day, so strong as you are, physically and minded.

Best wishes from all the infantile, cadet and training schools of the Vigo Rugby Club.

The progress of the bottle can be tracked through the websites of both the Club - ww.vigorugby.com - and the Communication Consultancy Torres y Carrera - http://www.torresycarrera.com./

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Nursedude said...

Very thoughtful stuff, Flanker...with everything collapsing in so many places, it's easy to forget how much kids world wide are being affected by this. For kids to not be able to play a great game is sad stuff. Hopefully this will help send some funds their way.