Saturday, 9 May 2009

2nd Anniversary

Blimey. Another 12 months has slipped by in the blink of an eye and, lo and behold, this blog is somehow celebrating its 2nd anniversary.

What started out as an experiment, somewhere to air a few opinions and share my tentative steps back into playing rugby after many years sat on the sidelines, has developed over time into something way beyond my expectations. When I started the blog, not only did I not know whether I'd actually commit to playing rugby again, I also doubted very much whether the blog would last longer than 5 minutes. The fact that people out there have read and responded to the blog has therefore been a source of constant amazement and I'm always surprised and delighted that anyone has the time or inclination to post a comment, no matter whether such comment is positive or negative.

Let's face it, I've been extremely fortunate that there's been no shortage of subject matter to pontificate about: - 2 seasons of playing Vets rugby, the largely insane ELVs, a World Cup, the fluctuating form of the England team, an impending Lions tour and any number of strange-but-true rugby stories from around the world all being meat and drink to a rugby geek like yours truly.

To anyone who reads the blog - my sympathies for putting up with my inane drivel and my sincere thanks for sticking with it. The quantity of my output may have dropped in recent months but the quality remains the same - in other words I'm still spouting the same old bollocks, just not quite as often.

Tonight I shall celebrate this momentous occasion with a few beers at the rugby club dinner.




Snödroppe/Sophie said...

Well, t-r-è-s bon anniversaire!...

James Stafford said...

Well done on reaching two years! Keep it up.

Nursedude said...

Throw back a couple of Newcastles, Red Barrells, Whitebreds, or whatever beer you love best for me, TF. Reading you blog is a treat and one of the highlights of my day-to say nothing of meeting some really cool people in the blogosphere thanks to your site.

Steve said...

You've got a gift. Keep sharing it. (I mean the writing/blogging).