Thursday, 4 June 2009


Being an up-to-date kinda guy and this being an up-to-the-minute kinda blog, I bring you breaking news from 23rd April 2009 (!) that the organisers of the first ever Social Rugby World Championship have sadly announced the postponement of the tournament.

“Over the past couple of weeks and months the world’s economic crisis has taken it’s toll. Over 10 international teams have at some stage committed themselves to the tournament and then pulled out due to some sort of economic reason.” said Rolf Fitschen co-founder of BigFish Sports Productions.

“As we know, social rugby is played by people with real lives. They have other commitments in life; their family, their job, their house repayments, etc. And, unfortunately, in tough economic times, leisure activities are generally hardest hit."

Graham Lindemann, the left arm of BigFish had this to say, “But that doesn’t mean the competition is down and out forever - we’re simply putting it on ice until the economies of the world show signs of positivity. We’ve copywrited the idea and we’ll be taking it forward - possibly on a bigger stage. We have built up momentum so watch this space!”

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