Friday, 12 June 2009

Into touch

For one reason or another, so far I haven't got round to my weekly report on our Touch Rugby efforts - until now that is...

Nothing, you understand, to do with the fact that we took another hammering this week. In fact, despite being beaten 9-3, I have to say that the whole experience was far more enjoyable than last week - a far better workout and, considering that we were playing the best team in the competition and played most of the game with a couple of kids in the team, we really didn't fare too badly.

I'd even go as far as saying that, the score apart, we largely dominated proceedings, hanging onto the ball well and using up all six tackles regularly in possession. Sadly we ran into an extremely well organised (although at times fairly cynical) defence and struggled to cross the whitewash. We were, unfortunately, also somewhat naive and shoddy in defence, the opposition regularly managing to create mismatches and overlaps and scoring most of their tries from distance.

Despite the result I can honestly say that, after what was, frankly, a disheartening experience last week, my faith and enthusiasm are fully restored. And who knows - we might even win next week!

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Te Puhi Whakahoro said...

You have to remember touch is a totally different game to rugby union or league. Downtime and body movement is most important hence why the younger kids love it they can manipulate many acrobatic movements in touch to score, its quite amazing to watch. Good luck for the next game.