Monday, 22 June 2009


The news that French centre Mathieu Bastareaud was beaten up in Wellington the night after the 2nd Test against the All Blacks was pretty shocking.

If it was just a mugging then Monsieur Bastardo (as Austin Healy referred to him in the 6 Nations) can count himself very unlucky indeed and I guess it could have happened anywhere. If, however, he was beaten up by Kiwi rugby "fans" simply because he was recognised as a French rugby player (as has been suggested) then that's a far more worrying and sinister development, especially after the news that French players were pelted with plastic bottles by a group of New Zealand spectators after the 1st Test in Dunedin.

This sort of thuggery is the last thing New Zealand needs ahead of the 2011 World Cup.

"This is not typical behaviour for the vast majority of New Zealanders or our rugby fans," said a NZRU spokesman.

Let's hope not, eh?


Nursedude said...

Flanker, the interesting thing in this case is that the French team officials have gone out of their way trying to take the moral high ground and not trying to pour petrol on a burning fire.

Interesting that nobody has brought up the question on if this assault could have been racially motivated. That would have happened here in the US.

Leonidas said...

No, down here, we bend over backwards to give our natives and their cousins everything they ask for, or at least the government does.

And anyone who thinks NZ is a crime free paradise better open their eyes.

At least we dont have the football hoolgans the UK is blessed with.

Leonidas said...

NEWS FLASH: NZ police have footage of Bastardo returning to hotel with several other players and females.


Leonidas said...

NEWS FLASH 2: He's a lying Bastardo, admitted scuffle with teammate, NOT NZ "RUGBY FANS".

Leg Break said...

How much coverage did this incident get in the Mainstream media in your part of the world, compared to the later revelations? Including today’s revelations that he’s been checked into Chez Cuckoo...

And I’m thinking the non rugby specific news.