Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bloody mess

The news that Harlequins and Tom Williams have been found guilty by ERC of faking a blood injury in this year's Heineken Cup semi-final against Leinster raises more questions than it answers:
  1. What exactly was the evidence? There's been talk of a fake blood capsule hidden in a sock but what evidence did they have...hopefully more than just a wink to the bench?
  2. Are we honestly expected to believe that Williams, on his own initiative, smuggled a blood capsule into the game and that he was a "lone gunman"? ERC fined Harlequins a substantial sum but exonerated Dean Richards and the Quins medical team. On what evidence?
  3. If the ERC found that Harlequins were culpable, why is it that Williams was banned and yet Quins may play in Europe again next season?
  4. Is the going rate for suspensions now as follows:
  • sticking your fingers into someone's eye socket with the possibility of causing blindness: 8 weeks
  • taking an illegal Class A drug: 8 months
  • pretending to be hurt: 1 year?

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