Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The curious case of Monsieur Bastareaud

Yet another twist to the Bastardo saga...

First there was the alleged assault by up to 5 thugs in Wellington.

Then it transpired that there had been no assault and that in fact M. Bastardo had consumed a few too many sherbets and fallen in his hotel room, cutting his face in the process.

Then reports surfaced in French newspaper Le Parisien at the weekend that his injuries may have been caused by a punch from a team-mate in order to "calm him down" (claims denied by said team-mates Louis Picamoles and Fulgence Ouedraogo who were named in the reports).

And now, according to Stade Francais President Max Guazzini, Bastardo has been admitted to a Paris psychiatric hospital for "severe psychological problems."

Furthermore Guazzini blames it all on the "the relentlessness of the press against a boy of 20".

Tune in tomorrow for an entirely different version of events, no doubt.

(PS - in an earlier post I may have implied that New Zealand, and Wellington in particular, has a problem with thuggery. I hereby apologise for any inference drawn from my post and am happy to state for the record that there are no thugs in New Zealand and that all Kiwis are lovely fluffy bunnies.)


Leg Break said...

Even stranger.

French PM formally apologises to NZ PM.

Now they never do that. Not even when they're blowing up ships in our harbours.

Leonidas said...

There are thugs here, as anywhere, just not all 4.2 million of us :) Apparently Bastardo tried to top himself......

Leg Break said...


No he didn't; he just went in Seine.