Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The future's bright?

So, it seems that rumours of the demise of our favourite smooth-legged orange one, Mr Gavin Church, were premature.

Tangoman is not, after all, planning to quit the game to spend more time with his family and his new-found passion for sailing.

The question that many have been asking is "would he have been missed?"

A seriously talented athlete, Mr Church's undoubted vast potential has been somewhat overwhelmed by a succession of injuries, a penchant for living his life between the covers of OK Magazine and an obvious inability to hold his ale. When you chuck in the fact that he appeared to have nothing but contempt for his peers and team mates (as evidenced by his 2005 autobiography), I doubt too many in the game would have been saddened by his his retirement - certainly not this side of the Severn.

So now I suppose we wait until the next lurid headline.

Mr Cipriani please take note...


Rugby Nick said...

sually I love reading your blog posts but this one is wide of the mark imo.

I've gone into a lot of detail on but a few facts

He has the most points for the ospreys out of anyone

He has the 2nd most tries for the Ospreys ever

He has only played 4 games less than Shane Williams for the Ospreys

He hasnt given an interview to anyone aside form Scrum V for awhile. He doesn't like press intrusion and he shuns the spotlight these days

he admits he made mistakes when younger, including the 05 biography. But he has changed these days and every player and coach has nothing but good things to say about him - and I haven't heard him treat anyone with contempt in years.

Unfortunately many peoples opinion of him seems to be stuck on what he was like as a youngster bursting onto the scene, not how he is now.

Total Flanker said...

Ah, but he still can't hold his ale ;)

Rugby Nick said...

I wish I couldn't, life would be a hell of a lot cheaper!