Saturday, 11 July 2009

Let us pray

The news that the Right Reverend Graham Henry will be leading his flock of Kiwis right through to RWC 2011 has received a somewhat underwhelming response in general.

But consider this:
  • given that the NZRU re-employed Henry after the 2007 RWC debacle, they were hardly going to sack him now, were they?

  • since the departure of Robbie Deans, who else is there, really?

  • despite predictions that the All Blacks' could finish bottom of the Tri-Nations this year and given their distinctly dodgy form of late, this might actually be viewed in a positive light in the long term. No danger of them peaking between World Cups this time!


Leonidas said...

Indeed, we all pray that "Ted", as a former Teacher, and Headmaster, can learn from mistakes.

and quite rightly; who else is there?

Waikato Uber Alles said...

Underwhelming really that he got the job again but with Robbie Deans at the Wallabies there wasn't much else on the horizon. Tends to be pedantic and lacking vision but we beat the Australians last night so no-one will say a bad word against him. Still don't think he's up to it but then I'd go for someone from Waikato since I'm lucky enough to live in the most wonderful place in the world.