Monday, 24 August 2009

Pre-Season training?

Good to see that Gavin Henson is taking pre-season training seriously!

It looks very much like he's adopting the Total Flanker "Drink Yourself Fit" approach, which is more or less how July and August have progressed for me so far. I have had the excuse of having had a trapped nerve in my neck/shoulder (which no amount of quaffing has shifted) but if I'm honest I have to admit that I've been a complete and utter lazy bar steward.

Still, I now have just over one month until our first fixture (Fullerians away) this season so getting my finger out has to be a priority now...

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Nursedude said...

Have fun playing, Flanker. I am still on blood thinners until November, so my fall season is going to be spent on the sidelines-and I actually had gotten time off work to go to ruggerfest in Colorado...oh well, at least I'm still vertical!