Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The scandal that refuses to die...

The Quins "Bloodgate" saga refuses to go away, and if the latest revelations from the transcript of Tom Williams' evidence to the ERC appeal committee are close to being accurate then the positions of Charles Jillings and Mark Evans, Quins' Chairman and CEO respectively, look to be untenable.

According to Williams he was subjected to inordinate pressure and coercion by Messrs Jillings ands Evans not to reveal the full facts to the appeal committee which, if true, must surely result in their resignations/dismissals. There's even talk of Quins being chucked out of the RFU and the possibility of the club being kicked out of the Heineken Cup this season has re-surfaced.

As things stand it is only big bad Deano that has so far fallen on his sword and I wonder how many other Directors of Rugby in the Premiership are praying that the dust settles quickly.

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BigDai said...

Having read the Appeals Committee findings, the evidence of the role of Evans and Jillings is damning. They need to resign and the club move on. Swift action to get rid of the tainted; the time for kicking them out of Europe or the RFU is long past.