Saturday, 7 November 2009

At it again

Yes, it's time once again for the good folks of Wales to be told how they must react to that traditional piece of rugby pantomime, the Haka.

All-Black centre Ma'a Nonu is this year's nominated holier-than-thou lecturer:

"Last year a lot of people back home thought Wales were disrespectful.

"But it really wound up our boys and made us even more determined to win. If I was facing the Haka I'd respect it...

"If if Wales do it again, they'll get the same response."

So here we go again. Respect. And this from a bloke who wears mascara ...


Pablo said...


It's a great spectacle, but I'm beginning to question its place in modern rugby. It used to be performed facing the stands, for the enjoyment of the crowd, when the Kiwis visited us once every five years at most. It's now done facing the opponent in an aggressive and intimidating manner to gain a psychological advantage. No response from the opponents seems to be permitted, or the ABs get a massive sulk on.

If they're permanently going to get so f*cking precious about it, I say it should be scrapped entirely. A pity for the game, perhaps, but they would have brought it on themselves.

Leonidas said...

The problem is that its a maori thing, And as Aotearoa slides into the abyss of apartheid, utmost respect must be rendered to all things maori. FFS you even get "Respect our culture you racist white pig" bull shit from maori members of parliament! you guys are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, be thankful it is so, Sydney 2011, here we come!