Tuesday, 17 November 2009


It's heartwarming to see that it's not just the Kiwis that get hot under the collar about their traditions being "disrespected" - now the Saffas are at it.

The SARU are up in arms about the fact that South Africa's national anthem, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika, was murdered by Durban-born reggae singer Ras Dumisani prior to Friday's defeat to France in Toulouse.

"I must convey that we are annoyed by the fact that the French disrespected our anthem," blathered Bok coach Peter de Villiers after the game, conveniently ignoring the fact that Mr Dumisani is South African and neatly sidestepping the fact that his forwards had just been beasted by the French pack.

Since then the words "shocked and horrified" have been used by the SARU to describe Mr Dumisani's efforts and a letter of complaint has been written to the FFR (although why it would be their responsibility is beyond me). Even the Young Communist League of South Africa (in a most blatent example of bandwgon jumping) labelled Dumisani as a "disgrace to our country".

"Hilarious" might be a more appropriate word ...


Bamberio said...

Get that guy on the X-Factor.

This is brilliant. I love how Bryan Habana is trying his best to keep a straight face towards the end of the clip.


Nursedude said...

The funny part of this-the South African Embassy made the recommendation for this singer to the FFR for singing the South African National anthem in Toulouse.

anne bebbington said...

Oh for heavens sake - what are they rugby players or tiddlywinks players - they need to get a life and stop being so precious! They'll be saying next that he did it on purpose - pathetic!

Nursedude said...

Here in the US, we have a treasure trove of You Tube "Low-lights" of people botching the US National Anthem( VERY few people can sing it well) .

To Anne's point, I agree-get over it, and play the game.