Saturday, 14 November 2009


I clearly haven't been paying attention. Last I heard this movie was called The Human Factor. It's now called Invictus and, given the subject matter and the fact that Morgan Freeman is in it, has Oscar nomination written all over it. This despite the wholly unconvincing prospect of Matt Damon playing Francois Pienaar with a decidedly dodgy Saffa accent.

Here's the trailer:

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Nursedude said...

Flanker, I have mixed feelings about this movie. I do plan on seeing it. It's based on the book "Playing the Enemy"-a fantastic book, by the way- that I would recommend to anybody. My hope is that Clint Eastwood will do as good of job on this as he has done with other movies like "Gran Torino" and "Unforgiven". If there is one American director who can pull off a successful screen adaptation of a great book, I think Clint Eastwood can. I Just hope the rugby sequences are well-done, and I hope Matt Damon does not embarrass himself. An American trying to do Afrikaaner-accented English is going to be a tough for him to pull off-on top of trying to pass of a scrumhalf sized physique as world class flanker.