Thursday, 3 December 2009


England Rugby Supporters - what on earth are you playing at????

You went out in your thousands in 2007 and bought the horrendous ketchup swish kit and now, according to the RFU, sales of England's new purple kit have outstripped all previous records.

41% of replica shirts sold during the autumn internationals were purple and, on the day of the abysmal showing against Argentina, nearly 70% of all shirt sales at Twickenham involved the purple kit.

"It's an all-time record," burbles CEO Francis Baron, and why shouldn't he - the gullible masses have once again fallen for the most blatently obvious marketing bollocks.

PLEASE STOP BUYING THIS KIT - all it does is encourage greed and avarice and yet more horrendous abominations masquerading as England rugby kit. Even if the team is hopeless, the national team's shirt must mean something, surely?


Bamberio said...

I am really surprised by this. I think the new white kit is a vast improvement on the ketchup stain so I'm not sure why people have shunned traditional white and gone for the (rather drab) purple. Maybe people just like a gimmick?

Personally I wouldn't wear the purple kit if you paid me, but then again purple really isn't my colour.... :-)

Naly D said...

I love the purple strip. It's unique, it's simplistic, it's well designed.

The reason for 70% of sales on the day of the Argie test may be because it was all that was on sale at Twickenham that day?

anne bebbington said...

I feel if we're not careful we're in danger of going over to the dark side and developing the tendencies of those who worship the wrong shaped ball - oh dear....

Total Flanker said...

@Naly D

"It's unique, it's simplistic, it's well designed"

AND IT'S PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Nursedude said...

Some things just cannot be explained, be it that people are buying the purple England Jerseys, and how President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize...some things just defy logic.

Leonidas said...

could not agree more, nursedude. :)