Sunday, 13 December 2009

Varsity Match refreshes the parts...

To many it is an irrelevant anachronism, but the Varsity Match on Thursday provided plenty of entertaining rugby, not to mention the right result.

Cambridge's victory over Oxford may not mean much to the neutral but nobody could fail to be impressed with the passion and commitment of both sides as well as, particularly in the case of the Light Blues, an admirable intent to attack space at every opportunity.

The fact that I was also involved in an excellent pre-match lunch courtesy of my old college, St. John's, and bore witness to the launch of the Paul Beard Sports Fund in memory of my old college mate who sadly passed away earlier this year aged just 43, made it a very special day.

That said, it did take me the best part of 2½ hours to find my way home and my liver still isn't speaking to me.



Nursedude said...

Flanker, how many total people were at this match? Does the BBC broadcast it like they do the rowing race between Oxford and Cambridge?

Total Flanker said...

Attendance this year was 30,087 which is about the norm these days (although in the early 90s crowds topped 60,000 I seem to recall).

BBC used to broadcast it once upon a time - I think it's on one of the Sky channels now.

Anonymous said...

Only a few weeks left now. I play rugby at one of the two unis (not saying which) - will you be there and do you have any thoughts about this year's match?