Friday, 19 February 2010

The English are coming

It appears that the Super 14 will this year be graced by the ample frame of none other than former Leicester pivot Andy Goode.

The Sharks, it is reported, have decided to replace the injured Juan Martin Hernandez in their squad by recruiting the big-boned, non-tackling, 29 year old England fly-half from Brive.

Setting aside my shock that he is still only 29, the announcement of Goode's arrival in Durban this year and today's confirmation of Danny Cipriani's much-anticipated move to Melbourne next year suggests that there might be a sinister pattern emerging. Keep it under your hat, but the Super 14/15 is slowly but surely being infiltrated by English playmakers (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) with a view to rendering southern hemisphere backlines utterly impotent.

All part of Martin Johnson's cunningly fiendish masterplan?

Mwahaha, Muwhahaha!!!!!!!

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Bradders said...

If this is so it is a truly masterful plan from Johnno! I am especially pleased as it makes Goode unavailable for selection for England!