Monday, 8 March 2010

Recall for Billy Whizz?

Intriguing news last week that under-pressure and short-numbered Sale Sharks thought seriously about asking Head Coach Jason Robinson to make a sensational comeback.

Robinson, who retired from rugby in 2007, is not only still in great shape, he's also - as he showed when scoring a couple of typically dazzling tries in the England v Ireland Legends match at the Stoop recently - probably still Sale's most potent attacking weapon.

Perhaps, just perhaps, England should also consider begging him to return?

Far-fetched? Yes, but no more so than Mike Tindall being recalled to the squad.


Anyway, here's what we're missing...

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The Antman said...

One of my all time favourite players, and a great guy to boot. Weirdly, I've started hearing people witter on about how he wasn't *that* fast, and couldn't kick *that* well - WTF?! I don't get the JR bashing!!! This is probably my favourite of his tries (shame we lost the match ....):