Monday, 1 March 2010

Twickenham Tidbits

A couple of further observations regarding the goings-on at Twickenham on Saturday:

1. Johnno, it seems, believes that England ran the ball too much on Saturday. I can see his point. It seems that we are very much an either/or team. Either we just kick the leather off the ball or we run it from side to side until we go backwards. No one seems to realise that running and kicking need not be mutually exclusive. It is perfectly possible to run AND to kick.

2. Ireland, it is reported, made a massive 99 tackles during the game (to England's 30) and missed only one. That's a phenomenal effort and is very much to the credit of the Irish defensive coach, Les Kiss. A word to the wise though - under no circumstances should you Google "Les Kiss" while at work.

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Anonymous said...

Great advice Flanker regarding Les Kiss. You should advise people not to search Danny Care either - I did and saw nothing but pictures of a silly cunt.