Saturday, 20 March 2010

Well done England

Congratulations to the England Women's team who secured the 6N Grand Slam with a hard fought 11-10 victory over France in Rennes last night.

Victories over Wales (31-0), Italy (41-0), Ireland (22-5), Scotland (51-0) and now France have secured a fifth consecutive 6 Nations title and a fourth Grand Slam in five years - quite some achievement (something the men can only dream of) and the perfect preparation for the Women’s Rugby World Cup which is just five months away.


Geoffrey said...

I used to be dead set against women playing rugby, but these girls have restored pride in English rugby once more. Ladies I salute you. Er, could you offer some coaching tips to the boys?

anne bebbington said...

I managed to watch the second half on the net - what a cliff hanger with a missed French penalty as the last play of the game - an incredibly hard fought victory to our girls - 5 consecutive 6nations with 4 grand slams among them - amazing!!!

Nursedude said...

Actually, the guys probably played their best game of the Six Nations in their losing effort against France on Saturday.

Hats off to the English women, who have to be the co-favorites, along with the Kiwis for the women's RWC.