Monday, 12 April 2010

Come in Number 8, your time is up

Many, many thanks to Fenêtre Ovale for unearthing the picture below...

The picture is taken from a recent international rugby match between Cyprus and Azerbaijan and shows a Cyprus player taking on the Azerbaijan defence. Well, when I say "defence" I obviously don't include the green number 8 on the far right of the picture who is obviously "marking space" with his hands on his hips (well, at least his left hand - for all I know he may have a beer or a cigarette in his other hand).
This is clearly not the finest exponent of the blitz defensive strategy in action, nor is it a demonstration of an immaculate drift defence. No, this is is more a classic example of the Total Flanker-patented "lurking defence."
You see, I would like to be more critical of the Azerbaijan 8 but am ashamed to admit that it is a defensive ploy invented, developed and oft-used by yours truly. The idea is that one's sheer static presence is enough to dissuade the opposition from attacking down one's channel and, somewhat amazingly, in the picture it does appear to have worked. The finishing touch to the defensive manoeuvre is, of course, to throw one's hands up in horror at the missed tackle inside - and no doubt the next frame of the film (were it available) would show just that.


Nursedude said...

Maybe he was in a deep reverie thinking about the post match drinking, or he was posing for the Azerbajan version of "Les Dieux du Stade".

Snödroppe/Sophie/Fenêtre Ovale said...

You're welcome, Total Flanker!

Geoffrey said...

As a hard tackling wing forward it pains me to say that we used have a winger that adopted that very same defensive strategy.

Daniel said...

lol about the beer and cigarrette on number 8 other hand. i won't definitely put my house on this strategy.
new york rugby team