Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pathway to Problems?

Something that appears to have snuck under the radar in recent weeks...

Apparently the British government in its infinite wisdom (and assuming that nothing changes after the Election next month) is planning to clamp down on "booze-fuelled" student rugby clubs.

This is in response to a report, entitled 'Pathways to Problems' from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in which it attacks a "culture of excessive drinking" in universities and colleges.

The report follows a couple of incidents publicised earlier this year involving student rugby clubs.

De Montfort University Rugby Club were recently fined and suspended for 30 weeks by the RFU after they admitted charges related to a series of fairly unpleasant initiation rites, while apparently the men's rugby team at St Catharine's College, Cambridge was disbanded after complaints about their behaviour at a rowdy party at a local pub.

Both incidents were "off campus" and, I believe, therein lies the lesson. Nearly three years ago I blogged about the negative impact of the stereotypical rugger bugger. What can I say? I was clearly going through a Victor Mature moment at the time. Nevertheless, the principle must still be that, if you're going to disgrace yourselves collectively, then keep it close to home. Don't do it in public, or the result will be some ridiculously over-the-top anti-fun legislation

With stunning unoriginality, alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware has managed to leap aboard the bandwagon with the comment: "Taking part in drinking games is never a good idea."

The thing is, in my experience, taking part in drinking games is nearly always a splendid idea.

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Geoffrey said...

Yeah!, I have taken part in many a boat race - long live drinking games, I never managed the yard of ale though, but keep the fun in the clubhouse.