Friday, 14 May 2010

3rd Anniversary (belatedly)

Somehow it escaped my notice that last Sunday this blog celebrated its 3rd anniversary - which just goes to show how quickly time passes as you get older (not to mention how forgetful you become).

If you'd have told me when I started experimenting with this blogging lark that I'd still be bashing out the same old bollocks three years later, I'd have said you were barking mad. After all, I'm not THAT sad, I do have a life and all that. Or maybe not.

All I can say is that I'm still very grateful to those who continue read this nonsense and to those who choose to contribute comments, favourable or otherwise. Virtual pats on the back all round.

And the bad news is that there are no plans to stop blogging just yet...Cheers!


Nursedude said...

Happy Anniversary, Flanker! As the Greatful Dead said, "What a Long Strange Trip it's Been!"

Anonymous said...

Please keep going. Always an interesting take on the perversity of the oval ball game. Much better than the gushing bullshit that comes out of the mouths of the well paid pundits on the box and in the broadsheets.

Geoffrey said...

Happy anniversary, best rugby blog on the web.

Frederic Humbert said...

Happy Anniversary (if you don't mind late posting...)