Monday, 10 May 2010

Blue Skies

The latest piece of "blue sky" thinking to emerge from Premier Rugby is an apparent desire for professional rugby to be played on artificial pitches.

Words like "higher quality" and "consistent surfaces" are being bandied about. And therein lies the problem. Battling the elements and adapting to the conditions has always been part and parcel of the game and, setting to one side safety concerns, I suspect that the effect of the introduction of artificial grass will actually be to alter the fundamental nature of the game, forcing all teams to play an identikit form of rugby with good old fashioned forward play, yet again, becoming emasculated.

Another example, in other words, of the authorities trying to dumb down the game in the name of contrived entertainment. Next thing you know they'll be getting rid of the unfair and uneven bounce by making the ball round.


Unknown said...

I think the Parc y Scarlets already has an artificial pitch. An look how rubbish they have become as a coincidence

Anonymous said...

Stupid that. Let them leave rugby the way it is.

Geoffrey said...

Well, as a rugby player that has played football under floodlights on astro turf - ban the bloody stuff - I have the scars to prove that hitting the turf at speed causes major grazing and much claret.