Sunday, 27 June 2010

Anything you can do...

The lives and times of 2 of rugby's more maverick characters continue to follow eerily similar paths.

In the wake of Mr Henson's recent not-very-private split from Ms Voice of Angel, Charlotte Church, has come the equally public break up of the relationship between Mr Danny Cipriani and the thoroughly gorgeous Ms Kelly Brook.

The reasons behind and the fallout from the two failed relationships are of little or no interest to me whatsoever but are, understandably, meat and drink to the nation's tabloids. What is of interest, though, is a rumour about the future career of the player many (including yours truly) thought would have by now established himself as a truly world class international outside half.

While Henson contemplates a comeback with the Ospreys next season, rumour has it that Cipriani is trying to get out of his Melbourne Rebels contract with a view to quitting the sport for good. A "close family source" has even suggested that he is considering a move to football, with Fulham and West Ham said to be interested in giving him a trial.

I must stress at this point, however, that the above story did come from the pages of the Daily Mail who rarely let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Nevertheless, as far as silly season rumours go it's a pretty juicy one and moreover is an excellent excuse to include a picture of Kelly Brook on this blog.


The Antman said...

Any excuse is an excellent excuse where displaying pictures of Kelly Brook are concerned; top quality research, too.

Hopefully the football rumours are just either inane PR or, as you say, The Daily Wail's liberal attitude (ironic eh?) the truth ...

BigDai said...

"include a picture of Kelly Brook" one from your, no doubt, extensive collection